SELECT YOUR WINE KITChoose from our wide array of reds, whites, blushes and fruit wines from the most famous wine regions of the world. We have a selection sure to satisfy any taste and occasion.

PREPARATION: Here you will assemble the small amount of equipment necessary to start your wine. Clean and sanitize the equipment, open the wine kit, review the instructions and get started! A basic and easy to use home winemaking setup should cost in the neighborhood of $75 and include the following items:

Fermenter – One 7-8 gallon food grade plastic fermentation bucket with an airtight lid, drilled for an airlock.

Airlock – A small plastic water valve which permits CO2 gas produced by fermentation to escape, while protecting the fermenting wine from air borne contamination.

Spoon or Paddle – For mixing the wine and additives.

Hydrometer – For checking specific gravity.

Carboy – A six gallon glass or food grade plastic container with a drilled rubber stopper and airlock to fit in the neck of the carboy.

Siphon Equipment – Including a racking cane, tubing and a bottle filler.

Bottles – 30 750ml wine bottles

Corks and a Corker


FERMENTATION – Quick and easy! You will pour the grape juice/concentrate into your fermentation bucket, then add water, yeast (included in the kit) and any additive pack called for in the kit instructions. Place the lid on the bucket, attach the airlock and your on your way.

TRANSFER (Racking) – Over the next 2-3 weeks , the directions will call for you to transfer the wine from the fermentation bucket to a glass vessel (called a carboy), and add various additive packs (for stabilizing and clarifying) supplied with the wine ingredient kit.

DE-GASSING – You will stir the wine repeatedly to release any carbon dioxide gas (CO2) suspended in the wine. This is a simple yet VERY important step in the aging process.

CLARIFYING – The wine will sit quietly for the next 3 weeks as it clarifies.

BOTTLING – Week 6-8 bottling day! You will clean, sanitize, fill and cork the bottles.
At this time you may apply labels, shrinks or bottle wax as you see fit for your final presentation.

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